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J. Zhang Says

Really amazing experience, I finished the In class part in November and just passed my G2 today! the weather was a bummer that prolonged it but everything else was a breeze! Nice school great teachers in both classroom and in car. Got 2 of my other friends to sign up with me and we got a group discount, way better in pricing than every other school that we called. I would definitely recommend this driving school to any one hands down!

Waleed KH Says

Good experience. Helped to ace the road test. Learned a lot.

Alex .P Says

I was searching for the right driving school to enroll with for driver's education. Canadian academy was the right move. Thanks guys really appreciate your help, and Ray you're the best

Sarah. A Says

My in class instructor provided us with useful information on defensive driving. Now, not only I will drive as a safe driver I'll think like one. Thank you Ziggy.

Raj. K

When I came to Canada I was having problems finding the right job, everywhere they asked for driving license and I tried many instructors before but they never teach me what I needed for driving. My Friend told me to go to Canadian Academy and I passed in no time. Thank you CADD for your great help!

Maria. G Says

Young instructors, highly motivated, with great patience! I was afraid to change the gear, now I am driving?! Like wow! If I can pass, trust me anyone can! Go CADD Go!