Advance Training

$185 Reg.*

$160 Special*

H.S.T Included

Are you unsure about certain aspects of driving?

  • 5 Lessons in Total
  • 1 Hour each Lesson
  • Night Driving
  • Freeway Driving
  • Skid Control/Prevention
  • Collision Scene Management
  • Speed Awareness
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Eco Friendly (Become a Successful Eco-Friendly Driver, Learn how you can Improve on your usual Driving
  • Style, Reduce Green House Emission and Conserve Fuel.)
  • Jump Starting (how to Jump Start your Car)
  • Basic Vehicle Maintenance: Engine Oil Check/Change, Transmission oil Check/Change, Tire Change, Fluid Check/Change, Tire Pressure Check, Engine over Heat Reduction and much more...
  • Free Pick up and Drop off
  • Easy Payment Plan (pay as you go)

Note: This package can be used only as a combination (combo) with mini packages, including BDE full course.

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