International Driver Assessment for New Ontario Residents - Do I Need an Ontario Driver's License?

Driving in Ontario can be a wonderful experience. If you are from a foreign country or another Canadian province and possess a valid driver's license, you can drive in Ontario for 60 days without being required to apply for an Ontario driver's license.

Canadian Academy of Defensive Driving can help you prepare to get your Ontario Driver's License.If you are planning an extended stay in the province, you will need to get an Ontario Driver's License.

CADD can help you figure out what level of license you are qualified for before you to take your test with the Ministry of Transportation.

Ontario has a graduated license system (G1 and G2). Not everyone will qualify for their full driver's license right away.As experts with the driving laws of Ontario, we can help you understand the licensing system, assess your driving skills and help you predict which level of driver's license makes sense for you.

About Ontario's Graduated License System

More information and guidelines about driver training for out of country drivers are available at click here

Have questions about our international driver assessment Give CADD a call today at 416-642-8549 and let us help you get started on your Ontario driving experience.

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