The Canadian Academy of Defensive Driving Mission

At the Canadian Academy of Defensive Driving (CADD) our Mission is simple: To provide the most positive and thorough driving training to our students, regardless of age, gender, or experience. CADD offersdriver education services in an open and accepting environment designed to make our students feel at ease, facilitating a complete and pleasant learning experience to prepare them for their driving test.

CADD Core Values

CADD, its employees, and driving instructors adhere to the following core values:

  • Patient and accepting driver education for all students
  • Thorough, up-to-date driver training for instructors to stay ahead of legal changes
  • Flexible driver education and customizable learning options to meet each person's individual needs
  • Defensive driving training geared to producing safe and confident drivers
  • A safe training experience using state-of-the-art driver training cars

Canadian Academy of Defensive Driving (CADD) is committed to making Canada roads an even safer experience for all drivers by making sure that all of the Academy's driving students are able to be safe, confident and well-trained drivers from their first day on the road.

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